Create a seamless learning journey

Create a seamless learning journey

We help you get the most out of Canvas. With our eCommerce and Student Information System Eduframe, we offer a complete end-to-end solution to attract more students and make alumni come back for more. 

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Canvas platform partner

Drieam, the company behind Eduframe, is the Canvas learning platform partner for educators worldwide.

We help learners reach their full potential. Forever.
Because we’re never done learning.

By creating amazing experiences that learners love and teachers embrace. So education can thrive in the digital world.


Learning & teaching experiences

Learning & teaching experiences

In close collaboration, we guide educational institutions
towards world-class education.

Through our end-to-end learning solutions
we connect technology, people and processes.

We shape the future of education. Today.


"It’s hard to believe that it’s only a year since we first started talking to Drieam, but I think it is testament to the level of speed and agility that they have delivered as partners. Because we were coming into this space later than many of our competitors in global higher education, we knew that we needed a partner who would help us to get up to speed quickly and avoid having to learn everything from scratch."

- Michael Cresswell, Director of Design and Online Learning at Cambridge University Online

An end-to-end solution based on Canvas

An end-to-end solution based on Canvas

Eduframe is a product developed by Drieam. As designated Canvas partner we enable higher education, commercial training providers & business schools to deliver the ultimate learning experience with Canvas. We’re with 45 young and committed professionals who constantly strive to improve the lives of teachers, students and staff all over the world. 

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Our partnership approach

Enabling the ultimate learning experience requires unrivalled innovation and execution. That’s why we keep challenging the status quo to be the pioneers at the frontier of digital education. With our entrepreneurial spirit and pragmatic approach, we deliver. Rolling up our sleeves to make it happen is a given. Through commitment and ownership, we find solutions. Because all we do, is done with the utmost care.

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Stay competitive in an ever-changing world

Today´s educational institutions are facing big disruptive challenges and global standards of education are higher than ever. Our knowledge to develop solutions and close partnerships accelerate the growth of our customers and help them stay relevant in a rapidly changing educational market. With our implementation, adoption, and development services we help you design programs that go far beyond traditional subjects with a new focus on the growing non-traditional student population compromising adult and lifelong learners.

Attract more professional learners and never let them go

How can you stay relevant for professional learners in the ever-changing job-market & online world? By supporting your learners as they progress through their professional careers, and by adding high-demand programs, you can create a pool of lifelong learners—who will keep coming back to your institution for more. As a knowledgeable and trustworthy partner, we guide you through the whole technical, functional, and didactical process and change management.

Become thriving centers for continuous education

Our focus is on close partnerships and integrations: By combining Eduframe and Canvas – the world´s fastest-growing Learning Management System - with our implementation, adoption & custom development services we help you achieve your educational goals.

Prepare students for life

You already have the experts, a large alumni network and world´s number 1 LMS: Canvas. Together we create an outstanding learning experience for busy learners around the world who want to upskill and gain further education at your institution.

Time to create engaging experiences. Online.

You want to partner up for lifelong learning? Get in touch with our educational consultants!


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