Canvas: The easiest to use online learning management system of the 21st century

With Canvas learning management system, you can easily develop blended or online trainings. The integration with your course administration software and your website ensures that students have direct access to the online learning environment.

Online learning management system Canvas

Canvas is an open source online learning environment developed in 2011 by the American developer Instructure with one major purpose: to online learning environment must be easy to use for both trainers as well as students. This goal is pursued in all aspects of the platform making learning more fun, efficient and easier. At the moment Canvas has 20 million users all over the world.


Canvas as a communication tool

Canvas makes it possible to communicate with the course group to inform students of course dates or homework. You can communicate with the entire course group, a selection of the group or one student. Students can even communicate with each other to discuss lessons. Everything is possible with the communication tool of Canvas.


Assignments and tests

Examine your students’ knowledge with assignments and tests. Automatically evaluate or submit written and audio feedback.


Use groups

Do you want a course presented several times to different student? Copy your course with one click. Do you want to create different groups in one course? All this is possible with the online learning management system Canvas.


Learning analytics

Simply check the progress of your students. What work have they done? What are the result? Canvas learning management software allows you to help them when necessary.


Canvas with your corporate identity

We customize Canvas to your corporate identity. Canvas online learning management software provides you with a personalized platform.



Import video’s, images, PFD files, and audio clips and use screencasts.

Canvas open source hosting

We provide the hosting of Canvas and you will automatically use the latest version of the Canvas learning management system.

The benefits of integrating your course management software with your learning management system


Direct access to the online learning environment

Students can access the online learning environment through your website without to login twice or use different passwords.

Less administrative work

The data in your training management system synchronises with your learning management systems. This will save time and errors.

Ready for the future?